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November 2009  

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01:02pm 04/11/2009
well it is the 4 day of november and i am waiting for kenzie to get out of school and then coming home to play rock band and relaxs we are moving to are own place on november 13th i cant believe it less then 2 weeks oh yeah also im married to ryan now we got married on august 22,2009 and he is the father of are daughter kenzie and are future child thats will be on the way very soon kenzie enjoys school very much has great friends and she is so excited about christmas and the holidays i will be 26 years old on the 24th of november im geting old as what my family says i love my family and friends so much and my husband family is awesome they have help us out in so many ways i couldnt ask for more i love you all well time to go get my munchkin from school talk to yu all later on peace out
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Writer's Block: AKA  
08:01am 27/02/2009
What's the story behind your username?
it is something when i was good friends with someone but that was a long time ago we ended everything because we ended up meeting new people
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(no subject)  
07:48am 27/02/2009
well guys i havent been on this thing in so long so i have to update well the last blog i did was true im no longer friends with that guy we ended everything but the funny thing is i have moved on with a wonderful guy named ryan clifton and i love him more then even we have know each other for a couple years now but we never thought we where gonna get together i asked him to be my date to my sisters wedding and he said yes i was so happy he became my boyfriend the same night that was april 12,2008 and then in june we moved in with each other and then on my daughters birthday he proposed to me and we got married at the court house but we are having are big wedding in july im so excited god finally put a man in my life that i love and cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him also he is a great music player guitar drums sing and everything and the most important one is he loves god and his family he also is the best step dad in the world since her real one is in prison my husband takes great care of her as his own my daughter is 5 and doing wonderful we live in lakeland florida i like it down here but i miss some of my friends in ocala well i gotta go time do home school my daughter talk to you guys later 

jennifer clifton 
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08:14am 29/03/2008
  life right now is so confussing i guess i ended a 10 year friendship with the guy i love and miss so much but all we did was fight and i couldnt deal with it anymore if you know what i mean. my sister is getting married in 2 weeks from today so that is getting stressful a little bit but im so proud of her. i start work on monday im so happy im going back to work i miss it a lot and the good thing about my job is im working in a nursing home with residents so i will have the same people day after day no more resturant work for me yeah. well i hope everything is going well if everyone. also i want to say how much i love my roommate she is the best im so glad we are friends more like sisters now. i love you jayme and i will always be here for you ok well i gotta go take care of the lil one be back soon take care everyone  
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im moving on  
08:15am 25/02/2008
 im moving on im tired of getting hurt all the time the people i care about the most seem to always shut me out or only call me when they need something well im done with it all night last night i sat in my room and drank a bottle of vodka and cried my eyes out because im in love with this guy i have know for 10 years now and he knows how i feel but it doesnt matter i guess because all he wants to be is friends but the funny thing is i cant just be his friend i have cared about him way to much to just forget everything he is so close i can tell him anything he became my best friend and now i have lost him for good and it hurts so bad because he is the only one i wanted to be with for the rest of my life and i knew that because that is what god was telling me well i guess god was wrong because its not gonna happen. please tell me what im doing wrong it seems like ever since i gave birth to my daughter nothing is the same anymore no one seems to want to date a single mother or anything i have been through so much shit i cant deal with it jayme is my best friend and i love her very much and i hope she knows that i would do anything for her but im just dealing with what i did wrong and figure out what i can do to change who i am i was thinking about moving back to ohio just to get away but i dont want to leave my family and my friends they are my rock and i know i can count on them well i dont know how much more i can deal with this i get jealouse so easy and i hate it i never have been a drinker and the last couple of days i have been and i dont want to be like that but it seems to help the pain go away but i cant do that i have a little girl that i love more then anything in this world and im not gonna mess up my life over a guy well this is all im gonna say live your life to the fullest thats ll we can do now take care im out peace 

love you all
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why are guys such jerks  
11:58am 12/02/2008
well i dont even know where to begin im so sick of guys they tell you what u want to hear and then turn around and do something else my really good friend said he was gonna come over and spend time with me because we never hang out anymore but he never showed up or the best part he wont even answer his phone when i try and call him or texts him so i dont even think he wants to hang out with me but you know what its ok because i can move on but it is hard i love this guy with all my heart and i will give him everything because thats what friends do for each other it seems like i am the only one who is trying to work on this but that is just me i cant let something go when i know it is worth saving i can feel in my heart that he is the one i want to be with for the rest of my life but only godc can tell me or show me the way and who is right for me so im just gonna leave it up to god to show me the way to his heart to all my true friends i love you and i will always have time for you i love you all take care thank you for reading this 

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ugh i dont know anymore  
08:11pm 09/02/2008
well if anyone i know is reading this you know my situation on one thing i have loved this guy for most of my life and i always will no matter what happens ok well i have been doing a lot of thinking about what to do about this situation and i think i just need to take some time to think it out because i cant keep hurting like i have been i mean when i see him or when i with him im so happy but when i dont tak to him for hours or i dont even see him i go crazy and i should because even tho i love this guy and would do anything for him we are just really good friends that have been through alot together and always seems to make it work between us.please somebody give me advise i dont know what to think anymore do i just walk away and let it all go or do i fight for the one i want in my life he has been a rock and everything these last couple days and even tho we have are moments we are still there for each other. so what i think im trying to say is when you know it is true love dont give up on it fight for what you feel and god and your self will make things right. well i am having a bad night so im gonna call it an early nite and try and clear my mind so have a great nite everyone thank you for reading this and always have faith in the lord   
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02:51pm 09/02/2008

well today i have been doing some real thinking of what i want to do with my life and right now my goals are to finish college one day and be a teacher that is something i have wanted to do most of my life and im gonna do it my other things in life are to watch my lil girl grown up and be a strong hard worker and go for her goals and always to achieve them that is what i want for my lil girl. but also i would like to get married to the one i love and that person will be the one whenever god puts them there. im just taking one day at a time right now my lil girl is in pre-k and loving every minute of it so far she is doing well. today i also realized what great friends i really have they are the ones that when u call just to say hi they also will listen to your problems because that is what true friends do for eachother. i have had some really bad times in my life but now everything is starting to get better for me and i hope it keeps getting better.well i want to thank a couple people in this journal because if it wasnt for them i dont know where i would be.

1. is god above you are my rock

2 my mom and day for there support and love

3.my youth pastors jason and tambi you guys have showed me so much and i miss you each and everyday

4. luis well what can i say we have come a long way but u have been a great and trusting friend through everything thank you 

5 jayme -girl you are always there when i need a friend to cry to you havent just become my friend but you have become a sister to me i love you 

6.melody even though i havent been around a lot you still are a great person to me thank you 

7.my lil sister sarah i have watched you grow so much and im so proud of the woman you are becoming and congradulations are the wonderful life you are about to have with jr he is a great brother in law 

8 my older sister shannon all i can say is i love you and i will always be here for you 

9ok well jason my older brother what can i say i never see u anymore and it hurts i miss you each and everyday i love you 

10 ok now for my daughter you are my miracle baby and i love you each and everyday you smile brings joy to my face i love you and cant wait to watch u grow up 

well that is it for now i plan to write more when i have the time take care and god bless love you

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10:27am 06/02/2008

hey everyone im new to this journal thing thanks to me really good friend jayme i love you girl thanks now i can write as much as i want and if i dont want people to see it then they wont well i hope everyone is having a good week so far i know im trying to things have been up and down for a lil while but they will get better i hope well take care i will write more when i have the time ok love you all thank you again jayme

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